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January 2022 Newsletter



Coming Events….

✔️Monday 24 January

12 noon Sausage Sizzle

1pm Melee

✔️ Sunday 6 February

Doubles Championship

✔️ Sunday 13 March

Inter-Club Competition

✔️ Thursday 28 April

Thursday games

revert to 1pm

✔️ Sunday 10 April

Triples Championship

✔️ Sunday 15 May

Singles Championship

✔️ Sunday 6 November

Club Championship

✔️ Thursday 1 December

4pm Twilight games begin (Thursdays only)

The prizes for all

competitions will be

1st. $40 pp

2nd $20 pp

3rd $10 pp

Meet our Committee…

President - Sandy Colhoun

Vice President - Graeme McDowall

Secretary - Sharyn Copp

Treasurer - Terri Branson

Tournament Director - Gillian Edmiston

Members - Jenni Mandersloot and Phil Jenkins

Please note we are still looking for someone

to put their hand up to help with Social


Please consider!

Piste Pointers…..

Sunday games now played to 13, as on Mon and Thurs.

Boules not to be left on the Piste. For safety reasons please leave boules on or behind seats, or in your bag.

We have cochonets for sale at $3 each, and Boulle lifting magnets at $5 - see Sharyn or Sandy.

There will be no Piste fees payable on weeks of a competion.

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